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Commercial Mortgage Renewal

Is your commercial mortgage up for renewal? Need a product at competitive rates? Mortgage Merchant is the name that can help you find best product for you. We have a bunch of contacts and networks with commercial lenders who will provide you the mortgage renewal at lowest rates that goes with your requirements

Usually it takes up to 90 days in shifting the lenders. So, we suggest you to start planning before time, most probably five to six months prior to your expiration date of current mortgage term. You will be notified by your lender about the expiry of your mortgage. So, be aware of when you are in the middle of your last year term.

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Land Development Mortgages

Want to procure a land to build your own property? But you are not getting valuable mortgages for your land? Mortgage Merchant can propose optimum finances for your land

What kinds of properties are included to get land development mortgages? Finances you get for your land development can be used for: hotels or motels, storage areas, golf courses, casinos, parking areas, retail centers, industrial sites, recreational centers, residential development projects and much more.

Before applying for the mortgage, you need to qualify for that. In order to get land development mortgage, you will be demanded to indicate the capability and marketability of your land, appropriately, once it is grown.

Don’t waste your time. Utilize the skills and knowledge of our mortgage specialist to get best out of it. Call us today.

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Industrial Properties Mortgage

Mortgage Merchant is here to find the specific and suitable industrial properties product that is profitable for you. Industrial properties include everything like factory, warehouse, storage areas, industrial space, workshop, manufacturing places, plants and much-much more.

We have tons of contacts with renowned lenders that will provide best industrial property mortgage. But prior to applying for industrial property mortgage, we will require following documents from you:

  • Location and particularization of the property
  • Credit history
  • Property appraisal and survey
  • Industrial experience
  • Legal clearances
  • Evidence of tenants and leases
  • Environmental details
  • Business plan for new businesses and two year accounts for current businesses

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Construction Mortgage

Are you looking for construction mortgage? Need not to go anywhere else. Mortgage Merchant can help you get find the right product to execute your plans.

Mortgage Merchant provides construction mortgages for residential homes, condos, townhouses, apartments, hotels or motels, industrial sites, commercial or recreation sites. Mortgage Merchant will do their best to fulfill your demands. We have a lot of contacts and networks with reputable lenders.

We provide you with low interest rates and you can even lock in to the fixed-rate mortgages when the construction completes.

Get a suitable product for Construction Mortgage from Mortgage Merchant by contacting us today.

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Retail Strip Center Mortgages

If you are thinking to purchase retail and strip centers, you may find difficulty to get a mortgage for this, as you know there is a lot of competition in these centers. But if you come to Mortgage Merchant, we can make your work easy and get you right product depending on your demands and terms.

When applying for retail and strip center mortgages, you must consider following points:

  • Financing can be given at 75% loan to value
  • $1.20 of revenue (approx.) must be generated for every $1 of debt by the property.
  • Lenders will examine your tenant base and leases.
  • Details like condition or location information of the property is required.
  • Review of your credit history.

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