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Rental Proproerties Mortgage

Mortgage Merchant offers Rental Properties Mortgage that can be applied for getting possession of either a newly constructed property or already used properties. We will provide you finance for rental properties at competitive rates.

  • Revenue of estimate $1.30 should be produced for every $1 of debt by the property
  • The net worth of borrower should be at least 25% of mortgage price.
  • Revenue generated from this property should cover the mortgage payments.
  • If financing is provided toward 65% or more of property’s worth, mortgage insurance is needed.

Consult with our mortgage broker today for explanation.

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Office Buildings Mortgages

Want to purchase an office building or medical centers? Looking for best deals in mortgages that can increase you investment opportunities and add to your income? Mortgage Merchant can act as a helping hand by providing you Office Building Mortgages in best rates possible.

Before applying for mortgage on a building, consider following points about that property to determine whether it will generate fundings for your payments:

  • 25% of down payments should be provided for the mortgage.
  • Your property should bring about approximately $1.30 of revenue for every $1 of debt.
  • The property is thoroughly examined and authorized by trustworthy professionals.
  • The building should have more vacant units than other buildings in that location.

We need to get following documents from you for applying to Office Building Mortgage:

  • Current rent roll
  • Income and spending report
  • Details of building
  • Contract of sale
  • Details of any other management company

If we need something else, we can ask from you.

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Refinance Commercial Mortgage

Commercial Mortgage Refinancing

Do you know that Commercial Refinancing can save your funds? Don’t know how? Let Mortgage Merchant explain that to you. Though refinancing can sometimes bring penalty fee, but if refinancing is done with better mortgage product, involving more extensible terms and lower interest rates, refinancing can be profitable.

Don’t know when is the right time for applying for refinancing? Mortgage Merchant professionals can tell you. Usually, Commercial Refinancing is considered when your interest rates that you are paying at that moment are more than the present rates in the market; you have restrictive mortgage terms or you want to take advantage of your property’s equity.

Applying for Commercial Refinancing involves following requirements:

  • Lender, who provided you the mortgage, will ask for the report marking your reason for applying for refinance.
  • New appraisal of your property to determine the current value of your property and correct refinance value.

But you need not to worry about anything. Just fill your Commercial Refinancing application form and present it to us. Mortgage Merchant will get the best out of it.

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Bridge Financing Mortgages

Finding best deals for Bridge Financing? Mortgage Merchant is here for you to get lowest rates mortgage for bridge financing along with best terms.

You can apply for Bridge financing for small or large businesses, expanding or merging your business, real estates, investing in your property or if you are a self-employed person. Mortgage Merchant will aid in getting product for all these purposes. Normally, in no more than five business days your bridge financing application is permitted and after that, in short period of time funding is granted.

But before applying for Bridge Financing, you need to keep following mentioned points in mind:

  • Lenders need to know about the way you will be paying back your funds.
  • Usually, Bridge Financing involves higher fees in comparison to other commercial mortgages. You may also be required to provide additional security deposit.

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New Commercial Purchases Mortgage

Need a commercial mortgage for your new commercial property? Mortgage Merchant can help you get the appropriate mortgage that corresponds your requirements and purpose.

Whether you want commercial mortgage for your new office building, low-or high-rising towers, gas stations, retail centers, restaurants, malls, storage buildings, condos or anything other commercial property, Mortgage Merchant provides you with all and that too at low interest rates available.

We carefully listen to your needs and go through your mortgage application form. After analyzing everything, we find a right product for you satisfying all your demands. To apply for a commercial mortgage, you need to have following documents:

  • Professional estimate value of property
  • Environmental statement
  • Net worth report, needed of all buyers
  • Credit history, needed of all buyers
  • Financial report of company
  • Mechanical statement and sales agreement copy (if applicable)

Contact Mortgage Merchant to start your procedure for applying to New Commercial Purchases Mortgages. We will provide you best deals in Canada.

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