Hotel/Motel Mortgages

Are you thinking of buying or renovating your hotel or motel property? What you need is Hotel/Motel Mortgages to finance your property. But if your hotel or motel is not a part of well-known and identified accommodation chain, then getting mortgage from a bank can be tough. Here is when Mortgage Merchant can support you.

You can make use of these finances for different purpose that includes constructing a new hotel or motel, renovating your accommodation property or acquiring a franchise. In order to apply for Hotel/Motel Mortgages, Mortgage Merchant consider following points:

  • 35% down payment
  • Your income and operational spending
  • How close your property is to major city or tourist site
  • Condition of your property
  • An evidence is required to ensure that mortgage is paid back from room rental earnings not from bar/restaurant located inside it

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