Mortgage for Self Employed

You might be wondering why is it difficult for self-employed people to get mortgage to buy a house. Now it’s not the same. Mortgage Merchant can easily get you desired mortgage as we know your needs.

Our way of getting you the mortgage is different. Instead of examining your business financial or personal tax notice of assessments, our mortgage lenders review your credit history and credit score. Based on these speculations, our team will find a product best suited for you. This kind of technique is not carried out by other mortgage lenders.

If looking for Low Documentation Mortgage, our mortgage lenders consider following points:

  • Your credit history should be clean. There should be no bankruptcies and no late payments on credit cards as this can lower your probability for getting a mortgage.
  • You should have evidence that you are self-employed for at least three years.
  • The property is located in or near a major center.

Are you still having troubles? Just contact our specialists that will help to figure out everything. So that you can go ahead to fill out the Mortgage Application Form.

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