Office Buildings Mortgages

Want to purchase an office building or medical centers? Looking for best deals in mortgages that can increase you investment opportunities and add to your income? Mortgage Merchant can act as a helping hand by providing you Office Building Mortgages in best rates possible.

Before applying for mortgage on a building, consider following points about that property to determine whether it will generate fundings for your payments:

  • 25% of down payments should be provided for the mortgage.
  • Your property should bring about approximately $1.30 of revenue for every $1 of debt.
  • The property is thoroughly examined and authorized by trustworthy professionals.
  • The building should have more vacant units than other buildings in that location.

We need to get following documents from you for applying to Office Building Mortgage:

  • Current rent roll
  • Income and spending report
  • Details of building
  • Contract of sale
  • Details of any other management company

If we need something else, we can ask from you.

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